Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello, Hello :) so I will be keeping Granny in my prayers this week, I hope all goes well at the doctor :) So I have very little time as my keyboard here is quite strange lol and some of the keys are broken so I will try to type as fast I can! So this week Raquel and Italo were baptized! :) It was good to have a baptism in a church :) They were both super excited and obviously we were as well! They are both awesome! :) They were both confirmed yesterday as well since they were baptized before church started :) But this week was good, we are working with lots of less actives trying to help them return and get back to church :) Also, some of their wives aren't members so we are teaching them :) Some of them were at church yesterday so that was great to see :) Oh so 2 things that were funny this week:

Yesterday at church one of our investigators who we haven't taught a real lesson to yet was at church and he was drunk when we talked to him in the road the 1st time so he had lots of questions in our gospel principles class and was arguing with lots of our members haha it was quite the show and a bit funny... we have some funny people we meet each week! 

So another story is that we were proselyting this week and we knocked on a door and a woman came to greet us but just in a towel and we asked if we could share a quick message after she got ready... we thought she was taking a shower lol... she had been to the church a few times so we were like we should teach her and she said no not now and we were like just 5 miunutes it will be super quick and then she said I am busy with another person right now and we are naked hahahah... then we got the hint and we left hahaha... oh how i love getting to be an annoying missionary lol.. i can only imagine what people think haha

So I have no time but next week I will have to fill you in on some of the people I am meeting and some of the members here! Some of the members are super funny and church is just a bit different at time here in Brazil. Well I hope yall have I wonderful week and that it warms up :) Love you lots!!

Sister Mattei :)

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