Monday, October 27, 2014

Hahahha so mom your lil joke was funny :p I gotta good laugh you lil minion hahah :p so no time to fill you in on lots I had to catch up with Jacey and Courtney, Sarah, and ya everyone haha ;)But my companion went home because she needs to have  a treatment done and then after will maybe go to another mission but it was for the best it was super hard for her and the sun in super hot especially during this time of the year! She was sad but it's for the better and her health. So now I am in an trio with sister Sowa and Sister Arrieta who is from Argentina... I think I will stay with them for 3 more weeks until the end of the transfer but we are waiting to hear more news from president Bonini... now we are coverning 2 areas so we walk a ton but I like working with them we  have fun :) well no time because I have to write Pres. Keep having faith!! I'm praying :) Love you!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Boa tarde!! :) Sorry I got on a little later today because we usually use the computers in the church and someone robbed the church this week and took a couple of the computers. Oh people are ridiculous... a church really? Good luck  for those robbers haha, stealing from the house of the Lord...The church has a huge gate around it and is well protected and they still find a way to enter. Anyways, this week was good! :) we had 3 investigators at church with us and we have 3 baptismal dates coming up so pray that it will all work out well. My companion suffers from severe headaches, migraines and it has been even worse these last 2 weeks because it is even hotter than usual and walking in the sun in the 1st place isn't fun so I can't imagine how she feels. She is taking medicine but it is not helping as it should so she might have to move to another mission where it isn't so hot. We will see what happens but please keep her in your prayers because she works so hard and never complains even with all the pain she has and our long days in the sun. She had to go home after church yesterday because she was feeling so bad so we had splits and me and Sister Sowa worked the rest of the day together in our 2 areas and her companion stayed with mine. Do you remember Sister Sowa from the MTC and when I was in Paracuru? We are living together again :) Oh and yesterday I received some lovely visits at church for the 2nd week in a row from people In Conjunto Ceara! :) I was so happy to see them :)
People we are teaching:
Mariza and Carlos: They should be a couple but they are just neighbors lol... and they're a bit older but in our opinion they would make a really cute old couple haha :) They went to conference and they have a baptism date but are needing to go to church more often to receive an answer. Carlos reads everything we give him. He already has read 2 Ensigns and is reading the Book of Mormon and Our Legacy. He is incredible but just needs to go to church :)
We are also teaching a guy who is 32 and he loves church and everything we teach but he is waiting for a very specific answer....which is..... a woman in his life haha... he says if a woman appears that that will be his answer from God that the church is true. We were like hmmm... ya I don't think God will respond like that... first you need to show your faith and love for the Lord being baptized in His church and then you will receive the blessings that He has waiting for you... which one of them could likely be a woman. We talked a lot about following the Lord's will and not our own. We set a baptism goal so we are hoping that he will recognize the answers that God is already sending him and that God sometimes sends answers how he wants and not how we desire to test our faith, obedience and love.
Awww.. so yesterday a woman who is very modest and humble and who has cancer went to church yesterday.She is so sweet. She loved church and this was her 1st time visiting and on Saturday she talked about how today many churches don't have people very loving and that the people in her church don't show an interest in her conditions and in her sickness. So yesterday at church in Relief Society, they talked about loving one another and serving others. It was perfect and we talked to her about visiting teachers and how it is a responsibility we have as members of the church and she was super impressed. When she was leaving I marked to pass by on Tuesday and she said I want to know more about baptism in your church and as you can imagine with a big smile I said Well we would be more than happy to talk about that during our visit :) Milagres de Deus :)
We are teaching lots of people but we are trying to see who is really interested and has a desire to go to church and to change their lives for the better. It is hard trying to help people change their lives sometimes. Sometimes I almost feel I don't know what more to do or say to help that person go to church and be ready when we pass by Sunday morning. It is quite an adventure, hard work and a great learning opportunity, helping others set things aside and make sacrifices to gain something much more precious and of value.
I am sorry to hear some things at home are still kind of crazy. I am glad to hear Grandma, Granny, Grandpa and Pop Pop are doing well. I cant believe Thomas is so tall now... it'll be weird to see him and Garrett to see how they've grown and changed. Well I don't have too much time but I love y'all lots and pray for y'all!! :) So to end on a funny note, this week we were walking and I turned around and my eyes were just shut for like 2 seconds and my companion shouted my name and when I opened my eyes, I opened them to a huge cement wall.... hahahaa I took a good bonk in the head and had a cut on my eyebrow haha...I felt dizzy for like 2 minutes but we were just laughing so hard... plus the guy we were talking to in the road seconds before watched it all happen haha... so embarrassing... it's a good thing I have a hard head! Well at least you know I am the same ditzy, clumsy me haha! Missions don't change everything hahah :P LOVE YOU!! :) is this long enough lol?? :)
Sister Mattei :)
Oh have you reeived my flight itinerary?? If not the woman who wrote you about my debit card you should write her and ask for it :) Oh and get on my FB to accept people please :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

BOM DIA!! :) 

So conference was awesome!! :) We had 4 investigators with us this weekend so it was great!! :) We are starting to see the fruits of our work!Transfers was today and I will be staying with my companion Sister Soberon. I am hoping this transfer everyone will come running to the font to be baptized haha :p we have a lot of people who are progressing and who have a lot of potential so I think this transfer will be super good!! Pray for us :) I really like this area, it is much different than the others but the members are still awesome! :) In between the conference sessions yesterday the youth invited the missionaries to go to their house to eat hot dogs! :) I will have to make a Brazilian hot dog for you guys when I get back! :) It is super good, can you believe it I like hot dogs now haha? :) 

Oh and you can look for my area on Google as Avenida Aguanambi, Fortaleza, Brazil. It is a huge city!! The beach is super close but I havent even seen it because we cant get close. It is like the major tourist attraction. Oh and I cant believe about Marks car wow someone is always crashing one another's cars... first I wrecked Greg's then Mark wrecked mine and now Todd wrecked Mark's.. who's next?? get in line haha.... but sorry that must be super frustrating... I don't know what I am gonna do when I get home... I am used to walking a lot but it's hot here. It will be weird to feel the cold again... I can't even remember what it feels like it lol. Sounds like y'all have lots of busy stuff and wedding planning!! Craziness! :) It was so good to relax a little Saturday and Sunday and listen to conference! I loved Elder Bednar's talk last night. We had an investigator with us so it was perfect. It is cool they are speaking in their own languages now and not just English. 

Please pray for our investigators because they are amazing and we are hoping they will all have a desire to be baptized soon this month! :) So Matheus who I was teaching in Conjunto Ceara whose mom wanted him to go to church for 1 more month before being baptized was baptized yesterday :) I am so happy for him!! He is the cutest thing ever. He is 12 and one day he will serve a mission! :) Also Fatima who I was teaching in my other area had a baptismal date last week and died suddenly of a heart attack :( At least she will accept the gospel in the spirit world. She was so sweet and was only like 60. It was super sad to hear that news. 

Well I better get going! This week was good :) It was a little sad yesterday because one of our investigators who was planning on going to conference drank instead :/ but Conference was still awesome and I have a lot of things to put into practice now :) I have lots of goals to set and accomplish! Good luck for me!! Love you all!! see ya soon!! :) Tell everyone hi!! :)

Muito amor,

Sister Mattei :)