Monday, October 6, 2014

BOM DIA!! :) 

So conference was awesome!! :) We had 4 investigators with us this weekend so it was great!! :) We are starting to see the fruits of our work!Transfers was today and I will be staying with my companion Sister Soberon. I am hoping this transfer everyone will come running to the font to be baptized haha :p we have a lot of people who are progressing and who have a lot of potential so I think this transfer will be super good!! Pray for us :) I really like this area, it is much different than the others but the members are still awesome! :) In between the conference sessions yesterday the youth invited the missionaries to go to their house to eat hot dogs! :) I will have to make a Brazilian hot dog for you guys when I get back! :) It is super good, can you believe it I like hot dogs now haha? :) 

Oh and you can look for my area on Google as Avenida Aguanambi, Fortaleza, Brazil. It is a huge city!! The beach is super close but I havent even seen it because we cant get close. It is like the major tourist attraction. Oh and I cant believe about Marks car wow someone is always crashing one another's cars... first I wrecked Greg's then Mark wrecked mine and now Todd wrecked Mark's.. who's next?? get in line haha.... but sorry that must be super frustrating... I don't know what I am gonna do when I get home... I am used to walking a lot but it's hot here. It will be weird to feel the cold again... I can't even remember what it feels like it lol. Sounds like y'all have lots of busy stuff and wedding planning!! Craziness! :) It was so good to relax a little Saturday and Sunday and listen to conference! I loved Elder Bednar's talk last night. We had an investigator with us so it was perfect. It is cool they are speaking in their own languages now and not just English. 

Please pray for our investigators because they are amazing and we are hoping they will all have a desire to be baptized soon this month! :) So Matheus who I was teaching in Conjunto Ceara whose mom wanted him to go to church for 1 more month before being baptized was baptized yesterday :) I am so happy for him!! He is the cutest thing ever. He is 12 and one day he will serve a mission! :) Also Fatima who I was teaching in my other area had a baptismal date last week and died suddenly of a heart attack :( At least she will accept the gospel in the spirit world. She was so sweet and was only like 60. It was super sad to hear that news. 

Well I better get going! This week was good :) It was a little sad yesterday because one of our investigators who was planning on going to conference drank instead :/ but Conference was still awesome and I have a lot of things to put into practice now :) I have lots of goals to set and accomplish! Good luck for me!! Love you all!! see ya soon!! :) Tell everyone hi!! :)

Muito amor,

Sister Mattei :)

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