Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello :) BOM DIA!! :)

So I don't know if I read slow or what but I always end up having to write fast... Time passes way too fast on Pday... hahaha today we will go to O Centro... they have like everything there! Lots of good stuff to buy to take home with me :) That is the advantage of living in the city... there is a lot of cheap stuff :) So I will try to give you an update on everything! 

So Patricia, the girl who was supposed to be baptized but then disappeared, so it turns out that she is alive and okay (more or less) |She is living in another neighborhood that is out of our area and the elders found her and said she is living in a small house with some guy. They said the situation was super strange and that the guy wouldn't talk with them and that it looks like he is controlling her life... she told them that he won't allow her to be baptized... I don't really know it is all super weird but I was just super happy to hear that she is alive, I hope it remains that way and that soon she can leave if that is her will. Her brothers didn't look for her or anything, the members were more worried than her own family and the cops here don't investigate things like they do there. 

Other news:

So we are teaching a man Daniel who is awesome and he is super receptive and had looked into the church before we ever arrived at his house. We are hoping he gets an answer soon and will be baptized. We have 7 or 8 people planning to go to General Conference with us this next weekend :) I am super excited! Seriously General Conference is like Christmas for missionaries! :) I have really learned the importance of conference here on my mission. Before, I paid half the attention that I do here on the mission and I get so much more out of it now :) I am excited for our investigators to hear the prophet and apostles talk. Conference makes miracles happen! 

The lady that has 30 cats is planning on coming to conference also. She is so sweet and every time we are at her house I just think of Grandma. We have been finding a lot of cool people these last few weeks I just hope they will get an answer, go to church, be baptized and be strong, faithful members of the church. In this area we have found amazing people but getting them to go to church has been the hard part. People are super busy with work and trips that it makes it hard for them to find time to visit the church but I have faith that it will all work out and that this week the 7 people to  be confirmed will really go. Please pray for them :) 

Oh so I never told you guys but me and another Sister teach English every week for an hour and a half in the church. It has been a great opportunity to meet new people and help other get to know the church. It has been good too because I was starting to speak English super weird and I need the practice. The first few days should be pretty funny. Oh so funny story last week at church me and my companion got in the elevator to go to sacrament meeting( yeah we are lazy and didn't want to take the stairs haha and the church is huge) So the elevator stopped and the doors opened and it was just a wall haha. My companion started freaking out and I just started laughing and tried calming her down. We were stuck for a good 10 to 15 minutes and walked in late to sacrament meeting and everyone stared at us lol... We had to explain later on we were stuck in the elevator. At one point all the lights in the elevator went off and we were just left in the pitch black, it was pretty creepy. Oh and we got lost walking to lunch the other day because my companion didn't remember where the member lived and she felt super bad and was almost crying cuz we were walking until almost 2 o'clock looking for her house and then I just was like don't worry about it and I just started laughing super hard in the middle of the road cuz things like this just seem to happen a lot on the mission. I was like we will just go home to eat and we will explain what happened later on, plus the other 2 sisters were there and ate with that family. We had asked so many people how to get there and no one knew and were sun burned from walking so long and so we just decided to make a funny experience out of it. I have just learned to laugh in all the bad situations haha. 

Well I don't have a ton of time left so I will start wrapping up. I am loving my mission, every part of it, even the super hard parts because it has made out for a lot of learning experiences :) I have learned how to take on responsibility even when you don't want it haha. I have enjoyed being a Sister Leader Trainer because I have met some amazing sisters and have had the opportunity to learn from them. It is funny sometimes when you don't want something, the Lord has others plans and gives a challenge. Now looking back I can see all I have learned and how much I have grown. It is crazy how fast time passes. Soon you will receive my flight information. That is so weird to think about. Well love you lots!! :) Have an amazing week! :)

Sister Mattei :) 

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