Monday, September 8, 2014

Famila Mattei :)

Wow!! Sounds like lots of wedding plans and decorations and fun stuff are happening at home!!I am a little sad I am missing all the wedding excitement but at the same time I am super happy I will be there for the wedding! :) Oh so my official date is December 22nd. They still haven't bought the plane tickets but they will be in the next few weeks. It is weird talking about my homecoming date... we were talking with the secretary this week and another Sister and I were like I can't believe our time is already almost up and we are already talking about flight plans. I shouldn't say it is almost up because I still have a good 3 and a half more months to work, work, work!! 

I have been enjoying my time here with Sister Souberon and the new ward. It has been a lot different in some aspects... I miss the members from my other area a lot but the work here has been super good! Patricia will be baptized on Sunday :) She is so sweet! She is 15 and she has been through a lot and doesn't have a solid family structure and home life but is amazing!! She has been willing to give up a lot to go to church and to keep the commandments. I know it is not easy but she is super humble, she learns and then she does! :)  She likes to visit people with us and she still isn't a member, so I can't imagine the help she will be after her baptism. 

We are also teaching a single mom who is incredible. She wants to do what is right but is having a bit of difficulty giving up worldly things. She is Catholic and says she doesn't want to leave her church because she has been there for so long and likes her church but she started to cry and told us that she feels she needs to give up her religion to follow something better. You could just see in her eyes she was torn apart because she knows that the things we taught are true and will help her and her son to have a better life but is scared to give up her past life. When she was crying I asked her if she had said a prayer to know if the things  that were taught were true and she said no because I am scared of what the answer might be... I already feel like this and I still haven't prayed so I can't imagine how I will feel when I do pray and ask God. It is super sad because she is scared to have a confirmation because she knows she should follow it. I am certain that it won't be easy for her to give up some things like alcohol, worldly parties, bad influences, some friends, sex.... but I know she will be able to if she will just rely on the Lord and confide in him! She deserves a better life but first she needs to be determined and she has to make the decision to use her agency with wisdom. I have so much faith in her. She is one of those people who I really feel I have already met and who I am here in this area to help. It might take a bit of time but I am determined to help her get on the right path and change her life and see the blessings of the gospel. She has so much waiting for her she just has to decide now and not procrastinate her repentance day. 

Well there is that. There are amazing people who are waiting to hear about the gospel. We just have to open our mouths and follow the spirit. Never be afraid to talk with people about the church or what we belive, some people will deny it but you will find people who will accept  it as well, people who are waiting for YOU to open your mouth. Well I don't have much time but I love and miss yall lots! Have  a wonderful week! :) Smile and count your blessings :)

Sister Mattei :) 

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