Monday, September 15, 2014

Boa tarde!! :) Today I am on a little later because we treated our hair and got a hair cut. A member here is a hair stylist. She cut a lot more than what I wanted... I was panicking in my mind when I saw how much she cut especially since I asked for just a trim but I like it. It will just take some time to get used to. I am happy you got my card finally :) The pictures I sent you can probably tell that my hair was super long... well not anymore haha but I had lots of dead ends and my hair was damaged from all the sun we get. I will have to send a picture soon, I think I look older. So I will give you a quick update since I don't have a ton of time. This week was a little stressful and worrisome.

So... first off the baptism that was planned for yesterday didn't work out :/.... the baptism isn't the problem... I had mentioned her last week and the week before... She is a young girl and she is awesome but not to freak you all out or anything but we think she was kidnapped.... as missionaries we can't be involved but the members are doing an investigation since she doesn't have parents and her brothers just don't care.... it is super sad. The neighbors and us are more worried than her own family. It has been 6 days since she returned... she left to meet a guy from the internet... :/ Please say prayers for her. Well I don't want to talk much about the subject because it is sad and just a mess. We are just trying to keep focused and work hard and keep a good attitude :) 

Oh so something funny... yesterday a bird entered our house through the window and he pooped on everything... my suitcase, the floor, the walls and the windows haha.... everyone was screaming and I was running around the room with grocery bags on my hands trying to catch it lol. Finally we caught the bird and then threw it out the window lol. It was super funny... just imagine 4 girls screaming trying to catch a bird... It seems I always have to have an animal in the houses I live in haha. 

Oh and also I watched Frozen last P day.... Finally :) It was super cute :) I will have to watch it again after the mission. We all were like aww.... I won't lie I felt like a normal person watching a Disney movie haha. 

So the people we are teaching are all awesome... I feel we are meeting a lot of people with true potential... There is a woman that reminds me a lot of Grandma, she is so sweet and loves to tell us stories... I could just listen for hours if we had time. We are hoping to have 6 or 7 people at church with us on Sunday. These people are amazing but they just gotta get to church :) I love them!! I miss the people from Conjunto Ceara a lot but I feel I am here to meet the people that we have been meeting... they are an incredible people!! 

Well no time but have an amazing week!! :) I love yall lots! My date changed and President is sending us all home December 15th! 3 months.... que loco!! Love ya!!! :)

Muito amor,

Sister Mattei :) 

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