Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello, hello!! :) Sounds like this week was hectic for all of you with lots of changes and lots of news!! It is crazy how much changes in such little time! Things will be weird when I get back, the house will be different and yall will probably look a little different! So I tried sending pictures but it didn't work out :( So I wasted a bunch of time so now I don't have a ton to write but I will try to fill you all in real quick! :) Oh and I will print pics today so I will send those soon :) Oh by the way have you gotten my card yet? You should get it soon, if you haven't yet!
So this week...
So I am loving my new area it is weird to be in a place with an actual church building and lots of members and activities! We have lunch every day now and it's with different people each week so I have lots of people to meet! We have an apartment here as well and it is smaller than our apartment in Paracuru but President is looking for a new apartment for us! So I will let you know about that! And yes I am still walking hahaha I will never have a car or a bike so it will always be me and my feet hahah :) We have 2 baptisms this upcoming week!!  Italo and Raquel, they are seriously awesome!! Raquel is 32 and is a ball of happiness, I LOVE HER and we set a date with her this past week :) And Italo has almost been baptized 2 other times but things with his Mom didn't go through since he is 17... but this week he will be so I am super excited!! He is a pretty funny kid, I enjoy our lessons with him! Also, this week I had divisions. Since I am a Sister Training Leader now I get to work with the other Sisters. This week I worked in another area with Sister Lucas and it was good to just talk with her and see another area and the people she is teaching! I didn't know how I would like more responsibility but it's not all that stressful and is pretty relaxed :) Now, I am just learning that Sisters have more problems than what I initially thought! Oh and yes Dad I am going to bed on time hahaha :) that was my weakness since I love staying up late talking but I have been much better at sleeping on the hour! :) Well I have no time but I Love and Miss you all lots!! Have a wonderful week :)
Sister Mattei :)

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