Monday, March 3, 2014

Tudo bom!! :) So it seems the weather there has not changed and it continues to be cold!! If I could send some of the hot weather here I would lol! So this week has been pretty different from other weeks! Carnaval has begun! So it's not as crazy as I thought it was but I think that is because we have to be in the house at 6 and that's when it gets really crazy! We live in the center so we have super loud music outside our house at night and lots of drunks dancing in the road! I have to admit some of the things these people do are pretty entertaining! And other things are a little gross... it's all just a bit funny and crazy! During the day when we are working it is calmer but still have lots of people dancing and throwing all kinds of stuff and spraying one another with foam and silly string!! Really that aspect of Carnaval is the fun traditional part... just having fun and going to the beach and all... but some of the crazier things I have seen  are people of the same sex kissing in the street, men wearing tight dresses and just weird costumes.... and the list goes on and on..  like I said some things are funny to a point but others are like whoa whoa... hahaha! Still no one has thrown anything at us so that is surprising! Teaching during Carnaval is interesting, we can only visit members, less actives and recent converts. It has been good to relax a bit and just enjoy talking with them! Since we have more time in our house this week, I have been writing letters for yall and we have been studying and just talking lots! Oh and I can't forget about eating!! Seriously, I eat grilled cheese about every day! Don't worry, I am still the same Lindsay haha :)

So on the spiritual perspective of this week! So church this week we only had 20 people at church due to Carnaval and no investigators :( but seriously it was the most spiritual meeting at church I have had in my whole mission... the spirit was there the whole time... God truly blessed those who still went to church even with all the partying going on! :) So a member who was baptized 8 years ago and who fell away went to church this week... this was the first time in a really long time... he has had a recent past of drugs, alcohol, gangs... just lots of things that Satan has been putting in his path... but the first class was all about the life of Jesus Christ and Fabio was teaching and he bore his testimony at the end about the Savior's love for us and about the Atonement and the spirit was just very strong and then he asked this less active member to say the prayer at the end of the class... When he began to pray he was sobbing and Fabio was hugging him and he gave a very humble prayer asking for help to do what is right and how grateful he is for Jesus Christ and that we are never alone in our trials. It was so heartfelt and meaningful :) Truly was a moment I will never forget! Then we had testimony meeting and the testimonies given were so sincere and so powerful! It was just a great day! Plus Matheus, our recent convert is already asking our President how to get his mission papers started and what all he needs to do to prepare! He is truly amazing!

So Atilene, our investigator that has a baptism date set for next Sunday, is going through some tough trials... her mom is very sick with cancer and tumors and she is is Fortaleza this week with her at the hospital. Our President is going to visit her and give them blessings this week! Our President of our group is so awesome and just a very sincere person and hard worker! But please keep her and her mom in your prayers! Well I don't have much time but I love and miss yall and hope all is well! I love hearing from yall each week and what is changing and just all the updates!! Thanks for always supporting me and being such great examples!! I wouldn't be here without it! :) LOVE YOU :)
Muito amor,

Sister Mattei :)

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