Monday, March 10, 2014

So to answer your question!! Yes I survived Carnaval!! :)  I was pretty tired of hearing the same exact music over and over again and the hairy, drunk, overweight men in speedos and women's clothing were becoming quite the temptation for me hahha LOL! Carnaval ended on Tuesday so our work got back to normal this week! So this week has been good as we have found lots of families that are showing an interest... the only thing is that they are not married... and they didn't show up at church this Sunday so I am praying and have faith they will this week :) Atilene is still in Fortaleza with her mom who has cancer so we haven't really been able to talk with her and are hoping that things will get better and she will be able to be baptized soon :) The work here is good it is just a process because it is new here! President Eduardo seriously helps so much! He lives in Fortaleza but travels here every Saturday and stays until Sunday night! His life is work, and then doing his duty as president so he doesn't have much free time with his wife and he is only 27! He is a really hard worker and I respect him so much for his service! 

So yesterday I was super excited because Alex, our recent convert who has been working a ton and hasn't been able to make it to church, was there yesterday :) and he brought a friend! He works so much I thought I wouldn't be able to see him before transfers this week so was a little worried! Oh and Mairla, our recent convert of 6 months, will give a talk on Sunday and Matheus already did 2 weeks ago!! The youth here are so awesome :) They will help the church grow a ton here and have  already helped plenty!! :) Oh and I sent my letter this week for you guys :) I put some small souvenirs in there and wrote a letter for each of you :) I also put pics that I printed of baptisms and what I have been up to :) I don't like sending pics over email because I am fearful I will lose them for good this time! So I don't have  a ton of time this week to write but some funny things that have happened recently are:

Fofa (she is a cute old lady and a member here) she is like the cutest thing ever and we call her fofa cuz in Portuguese it means like cuddly hahaha! so the other day we were talking with her and her grandson and she kept talking about how I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil hahah... we have no idea why she thinks that but she does and I can tell her I am from the US a thousand times but she still remembers me as being from Sao Paulo lol. If she thinks I am Brazilian, I will take that as a compliment :)
Also, during a lesson this week with a family we are teaching- there 3 yr old son walked in the room with what he thought was a water balloon haha- he had filled a condom with water and his parents were like where did you find that- Sister Daniele and I looked at one another and just smiled haha- looks like we will be teaching the law of chastity and trying to get them married lol :) we all laughed and could tell they felt a bit embarrassed but at least it made a funny story haha :p
Well  I have no time but I love and miss you guys and thanks for all you do and for your amazing examples!! :) Lots of love!! :) Have a wonderful week :) Keep warm! I will keep all of you in my prayers! :)
Sister Mattei :) 

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