Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello, hello!! :) So things seem pretty normal at home and y'all are busy as usual! So we had transfers today and Sister Twitchell and I left Paracuru. It was super sad to say bye to the people we have visited all this time. I will be missing my companion Sister Daniele and  also Sister Twitchell and Sister Galarza as well! I was with Sister Twitchell for 9 months straight that’s crazy! She is amazing! But I truly love Paracuru and the people there who helped my testimony grow! I held myself together while saying bye but every house after I left I cried :( I will miss all of them so much and I promised I would return one day so when I have money to return I will :) and this time around I can enjoy the beach! :) I have lots of photos I want to send so next week I will take time out to send some photos! My email might be shorter but at least you will have pics! Sorry I haven't sent a ton... I don't want yall to see how fat I've gotten lol jk surprisingly I haven't really gained weight but I am scared to lose my photos like the last time so next week if I am brave enough I will try to send some :)
So where am I? I can't really tell you because this is the 1st time I have been in the big city of Fortaleza but it's called Conjunto Ceara. My companion is Sister Fernelius and she is from Pennsylvania and I have been on divisions with her in the past since she is Sister Training Leader. So now my other big news for you is that I am Sister Training Leader as well! Sister Twitchell is too in another area! So I will start having divisions and what not with other sisters so that should be pretty sweet! I can see what it is like to work with different missionaries. My companion is super sweet and she has 11 months in her mission! I am excited to see a new area and meet new people :)

It is crazy I have met my halfway point already! Time flies! I am truly enjoying my time here in Brazil! So to answer mom's question of what has impacted me the most here on my mission... I would have to say the people and just how humble they are and how willing they are to give when they don't have much themselves. I have realized the hands of the Lord in the work thus far and how he prepares people to hear the gospel. And what has surprised me? So the mission is much different than what I initially thought it would be. I came into the field knowing things would be hard but didnt really understand how hard until I was here living it. But I have realized that a positive outlook and attitude completely changes everything!! If it wasn't for that and the help of Heavenly Father it would be 100 times harder! And how I have changed?? Well now I am eating meat hahha but for real I have changed spiritually and just grown a ton in the gospel! My testimony is stronger and I have learned and experienced things that I will never forget. I have realized that these things I am doing and learning won't just impact me now but in the future as well! My personality is still goofy Lindsay but I have become more grateful for the things I have and for the things yall taught me! Thanks for always teaching me to do what was right and for being wonderful examples! :)

Oh and thanks for the birthday wishes!! It is so crazy to think I am almost 21! Wow I am old!! hahaha Serioulsy 21 feels so old!! Well next lots of new stuff to tell yall about my new area and investigators :) Seems that this area has success! :) Well I have no time left but I love you and hope you have an amazing week full of lots of wedding plans and fun stuff!!

Muito amor,

Sister Mattei :)

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