Monday, April 7, 2014

Oi :) So General Conference yesterday and Saturday were super good :) I loved the talk of love from Thomas S. Monson and just everything in general and all the stories that were told! The story David A. Bednar told about the truck and milk was super funny! Raquel and Italo, our recent converts, were able to attend! :) We also had 3 other investigators. Everyone really enjoyed it! :) I learned a lot and have lots of goals to work on now! :) Always, after General Conference, we realize what more we need to do and how we can become more Christ- like. It is definitely a good reminder :) 

So right now we are teaching a woman, Laudiceia, and she is the wife of a less active member we have been visiting. They both have been at church the last 2 Sundays and she is liking it a lot! All of her family is super active in the evangelical church but she told us she doesn't agree with all they believe and knows that the church has errors. She is super sweet and super pretty. I will have to send a picture soon! Her husband served a mission and joined the church at a young age. So he knows everything is true, just needed that push and motivation to get back to church.

Also, Angelica, a woman who was baptized at age 15 and now is 30 went to conference this week, this was the first time she had been back to church  in 14 years! :) So that was pretty sweet and we were super happy to see her! I love teaching less actives and just reminding them on all they are missing out on and what they can be experiencing and what blessings they can be receiving. Some people just need that reminder of the promise they made with God during baptism :)  

Oh so to finish explaining about some of the members here we have an Irma who is quite old and every lunch we have with her she recites the Articles of Faith for us and then in Relief Society she does the same thing in the middle of a lesson and other members have to get her to stop talking hahah cuz she will talk forever lol! Oh and when she is sick she has a bunch of snot in her throat and she is always making that sound like she is about to hock a lugie lol... I don't know how to spell that hahha but she does it like 20 times while we are eating, us sisters are always a bit grossed out haha but it makes for a story to tell :) 

Oh and so I live in Conjunto Novo Ceara, if you look that up you can find my area. We live in an apartment. Our church is 30 to 40 minutes away from us walking and not many people have cars, so be grateful for what you have :) We usually get to ride with an Irmao here when we're lucky! :) Well I don't have much time to write but I hope yall have an amazing week and remember to make some goals from what you learned yesterday! I am always learning how I can be better! It has been a humbling experience!! :) Love you and miss you, thanks for the package! :) It was great! :) I hope you get my card soon :)

Muito amor,

Sister Mattei :)         

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