Monday, April 28, 2014

TRANSFERS! So I am staying in my area in Conjunto Ceara but Sister Fernelius left me :( She was super fun and we had a lot of good times together!! Probably one of the happiest and most loving people I have met! She will do wonderful things in her new area! :) I will definitely miss working with her but transfers are a part of the mission life... She is now companions with Sister Twitchell (my 1st companion in the MTC and who I lived with for almost 8 months) so they will have a lot of fun and success together!
So as for me, I am happy to be staying and my new companion is Sister Zombrana :) Before I was Sister Training Leader, I had splits with her so we have already worked together a little bit! :) She is very sweet and is from Utah! Transfers are always a little sad to leave an area or a companion but I love meeting new people! I am excited to get to know her better over these next several weeks! I have truly loved working with all of my companions so far and I have learned A LOT from them! :) Everyone has their different talents, personalities and gifts so its pretty sweet to get to know people individually and see all they have to offer!

So I will start off with the sad news of this week... one of our new investigators passed away this week. We had taught her 3 times and she was only 18 years old. She was very receptive and truly understood everything we taught. She was in a motorcycle accident and she wasn't wearing a helmet and she hit her head on the sidewalk and doctors tried to do surgery but she passed away 5 hours after the accident. It was super sad, seriously everyone in this city knew her, she was practically famous here. We passed her house the night of and there were so many people crying and screaming, I seriously felt so depressed and sad for these people. I can't imagine how her family and close friends are feeling. One of her friends that we are teaching as well sat with me on the bench and she sobbed on my shoulder and told me how they had gotten in a fight the day before and how bad she felt. I was quite the mess that night. I literally have tears running down my face right now as I write about that night. We talked with some of her friends this week and we have been teaching many people The Plan of Salvation. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have that families are forever and that we can see the people we love again if we choose the right and are following in the Savior's footsteps.
There are so many people that are suffering, we have investigators that lost family members and close friends and I can't even fathom their thoughts and feelings. I know the message we have as members of the church can cure the broken heart and heal those that are mourning. I have realized how grateful I am for you all and for the friends I have. We never know when our last day is so we must strive to live righteously always and to love our neighbor because each day is a mystery, we never know what will happen. SMILE each and every day and count the many blessing we already have.So after all that, you probably want some good news, and I have some :)
We have Laudiceia's baptism planned for this Sunday :) This Sunday is Stake Conference so next week might be better... we will see what happens. Also, we have the baptism of Emilia, Raquel's sister, planned for May 18th! :) Oh and today at Transfers we found out that Elder Anderson will be visiting us May 19th!  So I am pretty dang excited!! :)
Oh and since Dad likes to know the weather here, it has been raining a lot lately. We seriously walk in puddles of rain haha some parts are like a pond haha, it's kinda fun getting soaked by cars that pass by! Rain or sun, we work! :) Well I don't have much time left but I love you all lots and miss yall!! I am excited to talk to yall on Mothers Day!! Time is flying! Tranfers pass faster and faster! Well take care!! I am glad to hear everyone is well and busy!! Tell Mark to email me! I want to hear all the details haha! :p Have a wonderful week!
Sister Mattei :)

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