Monday, May 12, 2014

HELLO!! :) So for starters I was super happy to see y'all yesterday!! Y'all seem to be doing well and look good! Tell Todd hello for me and that I love and miss him! Oh and Angel is still living so I was happy to see her!! I hope she makes it until I return! :) Hope Mom had a wonderful Mothers Day and Granny and Grandma too! :) Yesterday was the highlight of my week, going to church and talking with y'all because seriously 2 of the baptisms we had planned for this next Sunday fell through :( One of the ladies is having marriage problems with her husband who is less active but returning and they had a fight and were screaming at each other in front of us in the middle of a lesson... Goodbye spirit... She said she wants to see a change in him first before she is baptized because he doesn't always act exactly how a ´Mormon` should. After that, things exploded! It was super sad to see people fight like they did... he has done some things in the past to lose her trust so things are still rocky and just a big mess... I felt like a marriage counselor... we made and wrote goals on how they can strengthen their relationship... I had to tell him to stop screaming at his wife... and that they needed to see one another's side and perspective... it was terrible, she ended up crying and he threw the cell phone on the ground super hard trying to break it... and then at the very end it was a bit better and we bore our testimony to try to invite the spirit and I said a prayer... all I can say is that I DO NOT want a marriage like that... but that I truly know repentance is real and people can change with the gospel... but first they have to have  a desire and be willing to change and put what they know is right into practice. Despite all that happened I still have hope for their marriage! :)
And then our other investigator can't go to church every Sunday because of work so feels she shouldn't be baptized if she can't go absolutely every Sunday and keep the Sabbath day.. we explained to her that we understand her situation and it would be better to be able to go every week and have  a new job at some point but that shouldn't stop her from being baptized... I think it's more than that though... I think someone might have said something... because seriously they were both excited about baptism... Satan is terrible... he always works with people right when they're so close to doing what's right...
So after all that I don't have a ton of time left, but this week we will be teaching lots and lots of people to try and find people who are ready to hear about the gospel. We hope Brenna will be baptized soon if her mom signs because she is only 9 but wants to go to church every week and is always ready when we pass, with a cute dress and The book of Mormon in hand. She has a rough situation at home so I think the gospel would really help her. She has been to church for 5 weeks straight... y'all met her yesterday on Skype... oh and Raquel loved seeing y'all... she said she even teared up a little because she was so excited! She is so sweet! :) Well I will keep on having a crazy adventure here in Brazil!! I learn something new every week and always meet either the funniest, strangest or best people ever haha! A mission is a crazy ride full of miracles and those stinky bumps in the road... haha! well love y'all lots!! Have a great week! :) SMILE :)
Sister Mattei :)

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