Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!! :) Hope all was well and yall ate lots of chocalate! :) Here, holidays aren't the same... people celebrate but not really...they don't have traditions like we do, so I missed the excitement of Easter morning and eating a big meal together... here it was just like any other day, but church was good! :)
Yesterday at church, Laudiceia was there! :) Our last few lessons with her have been super super good and she can see how the Book of Mormon completes and complements the Bible and helps us understand the meanings of everything! Her husband is already a member like I mentioned before and they been at church the past 3 weeks! :) She told us she has a desire to be baptized but that she knows it will cause a bit of trouble in her family but she is very humble and wants to learn and understand the truth! :)
Oh and Dima and Fonteles!! I haven't told you about them yet but they are a wonderful family seriously I LOVE THEM!! :) They are my parents here in the mission haha! So they are members but they are less active and starting to return to church :) Their son passed away a few years ago and after that happened it was difficult for them to go to church because of all the memories they have there with him... It is a sad story and they have gone through a lot... I can't imagine that feeling of losing a child but they are planning to go to the temple soon in the US since their daughter married an RM who baptized her parents and brother and lives in California! We talked to her a bit over the phone!! She is so funny! One day I will go to Cali to visit her :) Dilma and Fonteles want to move to the US to be with her and their 3 grandkids!! :) In the end they're amazing :)
Oh so something kinda funny yesterday and strange to say the least was there was a crazy guy jumping on the walls of the church during our meetings hahaha! This was the 2nd time I have seen him doing this and he just looks and stares in the windows at all of us and blows kisses hahaha! All I can tell you is I have met some of the strangest people in my life, here on my mission hahaha! We nick- named him Spider- man :)
Well I don't have much time left! I love and miss you all!! Being here I have really learned to appreciate all I have :) I love the people but the economy is much different and we really have a lot to be grateful for! Our recent convert, Italo, said to us the other day after searching our houses on Google Earth... `Now when I look at our roads here I feel sad`.... but I can see what he is talking about... just the fact we have nice paved roads outside of our house is a blessing that we don't often recognize!  So remember to count your blessings!! LOVE YOU :)
Sister Mattei :)

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