Monday, July 7, 2014

BOM DIA!! :) So I hope all goes well with Mom at the doctors today!! I will say a prayer :) This week was super good!! we had lessons and made contacts with people this week who actually seem interested!! :) Usually when we knock doors we don't have a ton of success with people who will have a desire to learn more but this week went super well. We had 4 investigators at church with us and we are hoping this next week we will have more! :) It all depends if Brazil is in the Finals because if they are no one will be at church on Sunday including the members... haha we will see what happens! It will be us and the Bishop lol!
So this week we made a goal to talk with everyone and try to see everyone with potential. So we were walking home one night and a drunk man was telling us to come here and talk with him, so we did and we told him we would pass by another day, we were walking on the same street 2 days after and I was like we need to talk with that one drunk guy again and my companion just looked at me and smiled and was like alright let's go there. So he was home but he was a bit drunk and smoking cigarettes. We gave him the Word of Wisdom pamphlet and told him he shouldn't drink or smoke and then I asked if I could break his cigarettes and he let me :) We are going to return this week, we told him he can't be drinking because if he is we probably can't teach him. He agreed and then introduced us to his neighbor Francisco who is golden. He is already planning on going to church with us and he wants his mom to come too. So the lesson I learned from this is that we should talk with everyone no matter what the circumstance may be because in the end we will be blessed. Now we have 3 new investigators :)
As for baptisms. We are planning the baptism of Wellington, Erick's friend for July 20th. At the start he had lots of questions and doubts but he is progressing a lot! He is 25 years old. Oh and other new information is that our new President arrived. His name is President Bonini. It was sad to say bye to President and Sister Souza but our new President and his wife are super sweet! It doesn't look like rules will be changing and I am not sure we will be able to watch Disney movies on P day anymore. He was a firefighter and in the military so he is pretty strict. They are from Sao Paulo. So after my mission I will be making lots of fun plans and adventures to do :) Well no time but love y'all lots!! Have a great week!!
Sister Mattei :)

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