Monday, July 28, 2014

BOM DIA!! :)

Well this week we moved houses!! which is a super good thing because our old house was not so nice, it was old and only had 1 bathroom which made it difficult for us to get ready in the morning and take showers at night! Imagine 4 girls trying to get ready with one bathroom and just 1 mirror. I have learned to get ready much faster as you and Dad used to make fun of me for how much time I spent in the mirror putting on makeup and doing my eyelashes lol. Just to let you know, my companion takes longer than I do haha :p
So now we live in a house that I think it one of the larger houses in our mission. Really, it is an apartment and it's not all that big but it feels big compared to our other tiny apartment. Our old house sometimes ran out of water so we didn't take showers and went to sleep dirty, so this will be a good change :) The members helped us move. I think there were about 10 of us all together but we moved everything rather quickly.
Updates on people:
Wellington has disappeared on Sundays and I think he needs a little more time to fulfill all of the commandments so we have just been taking it slow with him... giving him time to make changes and not rush him.
Francisco, he has been to church with us 3 times now and he has  a mild learning disability and a high functioning form of autism. We have to teach him a bit slower and help him understand a few things, but he loves to go to church, loves the members and wants to be baptized. He works and has lots of responsibilities in his household. He is super funny and has a super good memory when it comes to certain things. We are just going with the flow with him and when he wants to be baptized, he can choose  and we will mark a date and set everything up.
Also, we have lots of families we are teaching but the majority of them aren't married, so that has been the more difficult part. Mayrla and her son Juan went to church with us yesterday. Juan is super cute, he is 9 and supér smart. We taught him this week and every question he answered he got a chocolate. He was super happy and knew lots of the answers!
We are also teaching 2 young men, one is 12 and the other is 13 and they both have lots of potential and have family and friends that are members but are a little lazy and want to play video games and watch TV. They have  already been to church but need to go more to reach their goal of baptism.
Well I don't have much time because we have to go to the mission office in a bit which means we have to take a 1 to 2 hour bus ride. The transportation on buses here is super funny. Seriously each time we ride the bus we stand for about an hour or more straight and there are tons of people so you're just smooshed and can smell everyone's odor because everyone is just all up in your bubble haha. Sometimes people hold onto your shoulders so stay put while the driver is driving since there is no more room on the hand bars and poles haha. Seriously it is an adventure you don't want to experience but I will say it is pretty funny! I just laugh for an hour straight lol :) Well have an amazing week, I am always praying for you all!! :) Be safe and have fun in Branson! Miss y'all lots!! aww... y'all will go jet skiiing....?? I am just a bit jealous lol :p Boa semana!! :) Love you!!
Com muito amor,
Sister Mattei :)

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