Monday, July 14, 2014

Boa tarde!! :) So as y'all all know Brazil lost this week... and they lost pretty badly! Everyone here is super sad, depressed and embarrassed about it but it's all good!! Now that the World Cup is over our missionary work will be going much smoother and better :) So it seems like things at home have their ups and downs!!! Just be patient and things will work out how they should! Just know you guys are awesome parents and you are doing your part!! Patience is truly a virtue!! :) You all are always in my prayers!! :)
So this week we are hoping Wellington will not be working so that he can be baptized either Saturday or Sunday. We will see what happens. He is awesome and very open! This transfer ended and my daughter and I are going into our 2nd transfer together as I finish training her! She is awesome. I enjoy working with her. I have learned so much from all of my companions! This week she was sick so work was a little slower than usual since we stayed in the house for 2 days. She was throwing up. I think it was something she ate. Oh hey guess what a miracle happened! I am learning to make Brazilian food!! :) Maybe if I remember how to make stuff when I get back I will make something for you guys!! Pastel is so good and fattening too haha! Maybe that is what got Sister Lara sick.
Even though this week was slow with the games and her being sick we had some really good lessons and marked some dates for baptisms! :) We have a couple we are teaching and they are awesome! They have a daughter who is 7 years old and they are just the cutest family ever. The only problem is they are not married but they want to be so we are hoping we can get them married and then baptized before the end of this transfer.Of course I would like to be here for their baptism but if they are baptized, they are baptized so I will be happy either way! Speaking of that, do you remember Atilene who had a baptism date when I was in Paracuru but her mom got sick so she stayed with her in the hospital in another city for a super long time.... well  she finally returned to Paracuru 2 weeks ago and her Mom is doing better and she was baptized this week! :) Sister Danielle told me and I was super happy! :)
Well I don't have a ton of time today but I love and miss you all lots!! Have an amazing week! Y'all should go get massages to relieve some of your stress! you deserve it!! :) Well take care and just stay positive and do as Dori says and just keep swimming!! :)
Muito amor,
Sister Mattei :) 

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