Monday, June 30, 2014

BOM DIA!!! :) So how are yall?? Seems everyone is keeping busy as usual and enjoying summer time!! :) Oh how I miss summer time!! It is hot here all the time haha but I can't do summer activities so it's not the same... but the work is super good :) Oh and I loved Greg and Nicole's photos!! They turned out really well! :) I will keep everyone in my prayers! Tell everyone I love and miss them!
So this week....
On Monday Brazil played and they won and then on Saturday they played again and won.... It was a super close game with Chile... we stayed in the house and just heard everyone screaming and booing haha but when Brazil won in the end we heard lots of shouting and cheering so I looked out our window to see what was going on and 2 men took off their pants and ran in the road in their undies hahaha!! I won't lie it was pretty funny! If Brazil wins the World Cup I fear everyone will run around naked in the streets haha!
Oh also... this week we contacted a couple in the street and I think they were probably the rudest people I have talked to here in Brazil... We approached and said Hello, Good Night :) What is your name? The man said... Why should I tell you my name... what do you want? I won't tell you my name. Then we told them we were missionaries and he went on saying how he was strong and practicing in his religion and that he didn't want to hear our message but was talking very rudely... then we tried giving him a pamphlet and he was like No I don't want this I won't read it, I don't want to read this.... Usually people here will at least accept a pamphlet and be nice about it but not this guy haha...
No time, but everything is going super well! we have baptisms planned for the end of this tranfer and for the next!! Erick one of the Recent Converts is bringing us lots of people to teach! He is awesome! Oh and we went to church in a broken car this week haha it was quite the adventure!! Well love yall lots!!! :)
Sister Mattei :)

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