Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello!!! :) So good news was that Brazil won on Tuesday! :) We stayed in the house since we couldn't watch the game but we knew the score because when the other team scored everyone was screaming BOO in the streets and then when they scored it was lots of cheering and screaming.... and lots of fireworks! Brazilians are super united when it come to soccer! They all join together to watch the big game and EVERYONE is in green and yellow with Brazilian flags on their cars. Everything here is decorated! I want to take pics but its dangerous to pull out your camera here in the roads... and they don't have disposable cameras :( Yall should try to send 2 in a small package if you think it would arrive in time cuz I want more pics of the outdoors and the roads and all but at the same time I don't want to be robbed and lose all my photos. Tomorrow is the big game since it will be held here in Fortaleza and Brazil is playing! Have yall been watching the games?? It will be pretty sweet if Brazil is in the finals... we will probably get locked in the house for like a week straight haha!

So the World Cup is fun! Yall see the pic Amanda put on FB in front of the flag? I'll try to buy souvenirs for everyone while I am here! :) and so about the missionary work... surprisingly it has been pretty good even with the World Cup going on! We have lost time to work because of the games and the strikes that are going on here but we are still having success with teaching lessons. In my area we are still looking for people with real interest. We had 3 people at church yesterday but they all have marriage problems and need to separate from their ex to marry with their spouse they have now and it's quite the process and a bit of a fun mess... They will be baptized... We are just not sure when. I hope while I am still here in my area but the more important part is that they are baptized :) 

Yesterday we taught a woman who would like to go to church with us but because of medical advice she has to stay in her house for about another month because she has cancer and is doing lots of treatments. We are continuing to visit her and hope soon she will be able to make it to church. She is a very sweet, humble lady! A very happy person for the circumstances that she has. I truly love the people here and I love meeting new people every week! :) I have made many friendships in the year I have been here and am excited to one day return and see them all again!! I'll have to work lots to pay for the trip but it will be worth it! :) Well I have no time left but I love and miss yall lots!! Yall are always in my prayers! I wish yall a wonderful week!! Take care and always smile!!! :) 

Com muito amor,

Sister Mattei :) 

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