Monday, June 2, 2014

News!! We had transfers yesterday and as Raquel told you I will be staying in Conjunto Ceara but today the Assistants called and told us the other part of the news... So there are 2 areas here in Conjunto Ceara and the 2 other Sisters left their area which we thought was strange and now I will take over their area and Sister Zambrana will stay in the area we were working in. We are going to be training new sisters. We will pick up our daughters tomorrow! My 2nd baby lol! :)I was ´pregnant´ and I didnt even know it.... but now I know why I was sick this past week with upset stomach and fever hahaha! Seriously this past week I had stomach problems, a cough and hot/cold flashes during the night and during the day... but now I am feeling much better so its all good! It was nothing too serious, just a bug so we continued to work this week. The days passed by a bit slower but I am better and our investigators gave me all sorts of herbal things to try hahaha! They're awesome!! :)

So this transfer the World Cup will start and I will be staying here for at least 2 more transfers since I am training. I will have 4 transfers here! I don't know my new area very well so that will be an adventure and the Sisters that were here didn't leave us with anyone to teach so the beginning will probably be a bit difficult, but I am excited to see who my new daughter will be! During the World Cup it will be pretty hard to teach and some days we will be staying in the house since it's dangerous with all the games, tourists....Everyone says there are lots of robbings during the World Cup so we will have to be extremely careful. Everyone says people will probably not let us teach because they will be watching the game... it will be interesting but I am excited to be here during the World Cup even though we can't watch the games. Oh and we will have a new president in a month so that will be a change up. I am curious to see what things will change. 

So I have like no time but yesterday after church Mariana was baptized, she was one of the golden people I talked about last week! She is super funny! I have never met someone who accepted everything so fast like she did. She doesn't understand everything but she says that she feels and known in her heart that these things are true and wanted to be baptized right away! :) She smoked a pack of cigarettes a day when we met her and in 2 weeks she was down to smoking nothing. We gave her a date to try to reach for baptism and after that she was determined to quit. She is seriously so amazing!! I will miss all the people in my area that we were teaching and that were baptized... but at least I can still see them at church! :) Well I dont have any time left but I love and miss yall like crazy!! Oh and the kitchen looks awesome!! :) 

Muito amor,

Sister Mattei :)

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