Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello :) How are y'all?? So to fill you in on my companion I am training... She is from Santiago, Chile and she is 21. She came straight from the MTC in Sao Paulo. She is super sweet and things have been going great! She speaks Portuguese super well already! :) We opened this area but to clear things up I am still in Conjunto Ceara and in the same ward so I am still with Raquel.  Our ward has 4 missionaries and covers 2 areas. Now, I am serving in the other area in Conjunto Ceara. So I am still with the same members but can no longer visit Raquel and our recent converts since they are in the other area. I still see them at ward activities and at church on Sunday, plus Raquel likes to work with us so I can still see her :) So my companion from last transfer, Sister Zambrana, still lives with me in our house, but she stayed in my old area and now has a new companion who she is training as well. Her companion is from Argentina. Sister Zambrana and I are still Sister Training Leaders so we are still together sometimes for meetings with President and when we have splits with other Sisters. When we work or leave together for meetings and what not, our companions work together in our areas. This week after just one day in the field we had a meeting with President so our new greenie companions worked alone and just did their best! :) They are awesome!
So the situation we have is sort of strange since usually Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders and all are companions with one another... but President has been making lots of changes and there have been problems with some of the Sisters when training new missionaries so he is trying to make circumstances better so did this with us and a few other Sister Training Leaders. President Souza will leave at the end of the month so is trying to make changes and make things good for the new President. We will see how it all goes! :)
I am enjoying my new area... it has been a lot of work and we just talked and visited new people this week since this area didn't really have anyone progressing.I am meeting the less actives in my new area and the people who've been baptized in the past. I had met most of them already but now I am getting to know them better :) Everyone is super sweet and the members who are on this side where I am working now have been helping us a lot to get to know the area. Mariana the lady who was baptized last week in my old area was confirmed yesterday! :) She will be a super strong member of the church, she already wants to visit people with us!
Oh so super quick, the World Cup will start on the 12th and the police in Brazil are thinking about going on strike.... so I am not sure what we will do as missionaries. I am sure President will let us know if they really decide to go on strike and the members told us if they do they will put military in all the streets. This should be interesting. Brazil has been having lots of problems lately with transport and assaults and all... so we are just being super careful! Still nothing has ever happened with me which is amazing cuz many missionaries have had lots of problems with robbings and what not so I consider myself very blessed! The Lord is protecting me :) Well I have no time but love and miss yall lots! :) Have a great week and know I am praying for yall! :) Tell Garrett I miss him lots too! Aww he is so sweet!! :)

Sister Mattei :)

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