Monday, February 10, 2014

Oi Familia!! :)

Tudo bom :) So I am glad to hear everyone is doing pretty well!! Congrats on losing weight and Dad on the new job!! :) So this week was good!! Our group was glad to hear that all of us are staying for another 6 weeks :) Edijane and Aline were confirmed yesterday! They are very sweet girls! So the situation with Aline was that her Mom passed away a while back and she lives with her Grandma and her Grandma wouldn't sign the baptismal form, but her Dad who is always traveling and not in the house gave permission for her to be baptized so we had to talk to our President and then have her Aunt sign it and it was just a huge mess but everything worked out well and she was baptized last week!! :) She is Ana Angelica's cousin who was baptized about a month ago. Edijane is 17 and she is very quiet and cute! Her Mom had told he she needed to wait till she was 18 to be baptized but we talked with her mom and her mom signed and went to church last week :) 

Things have been good but we only had one investigator at church on Sunday so that was a bit disappointing but it it is better than no one so we were still happy :) We have an investigator who I talked a little bit about in another email. His name is Lucio and he is 89 and his wife was baptized a long time ago in Fortaleza and is less active now but she is 43 years old! Crazy huh?? hahaha But I love them they are always making us juice and he wants to bring us to Italy with him lol! They live here for half the year and in Italy for half the year. He speaks no Portuguese so as you can imagine it is difficult to teach him. We teach and his wife repeats in Italian. It is very interesting and a bit funny but he went to church 2 weeks ago and climbed up 3 floors of stairs so he is still in good shape for having 89 years! The only problem is he is scared of water so baptism is going to be a problem to solve. Hmm... what more?? 

Oh so we have baby birds in our house AGAIN!! I don't even know how the birds enter but they have made a nest and we can hear the babies in the rafters... seriously I hope I won't have a dead baby bird on my bed again... it was seriously so gross lol! Oh and then the other day Sister Danielle and I were teaching a lesson and at this house they have 2 huge dogs and Sis. Daniele is terrified of many things.. so were teaching and they had the dogs inside and we were teaching on the porch but the window was open and the dog jumped out the window 2 times haha and she was freaking out... her reaction was so funny! She gives us a good laugh all the time and she is so innocent I love it :) The couple we are teaching are super good though.. Faviula has prayed and is reading the Book of Mormom and when we showed up the first time she told us how she was looking for a church. They just need to get married! :) and they said they would be at church yesterday and they weren't :( so that was a bit disappointing. But Oh to answer your question we do have a new President here in Paracuru. His name is President Eduardo and he is a hard worker and things are better here in Paracuru. Things were fine but it was difficult to have meetings with our other President so things are just a bit more organized now! We also started seminary for the teens here :) And Matheus, our recent convert, gave a talk already this Sunday and he has been blessing the sacrament. It is super cool to see the people we taught fulfill callings and duties in the church. Oh and I think I forgot to tell you but he baptized Ana Angelica :) So that was super cool to see!! :)

I truly love the people here and teaching and just having these great experiences :) I can't lie and say it has been easy but it has been a great learning opportunity!! There are times when I feel trunky and I miss just going out and doing fun things and being with family and friends but I have learned to just take in the moment and enjoy every second we have as missionaries and servants of the Lord! I am hoping to have baptisms soon and to find families so please pray for us that we will find these people who are ready and prepared :) Well I don't have much more time but just remember to keep your heads high in times of trials and to always count your blessings!! That is what has helped me a ton here in the mission!! :) Well I love you all so much and miss y'all!! Tell everyone hello for me :) Have an amazing, super, fantastic week!! :) 

Muito amor,

Sister Mattei :) 

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