Monday, February 17, 2014

HELLO :) Sounds like you are well, a little sick and cold but well!! I will pray it will warm up there!! It is so freezing cold here!! I am dying hahah.... jk It is blazing hot but I have some pretty cute tan lines so it's all good LOL :) So this week was good but yesterday was a bit disappointing because none of our investigators were at church :( but on the positive outlook this was the first time in 13 weeks so I won't complain and am grateful for the people who have a desire to learn more and are truly progressing!! Those Sundays with no one there are the worst and your heart just sinks but you just have to get back to work and try your best that next week around! So I will answer some of dad's questions :)
Weather: the weather is hot and sometimes humid after it rains... it usually rains only in the morning for 20 minutes and then sprinkles during the day
Animals: So the other day we saw this small little monkey in the trees, there were 4 and they were super tiny. I thought they were cute but my companion thought otherwise lol! We see chickens, donkeys, horses.... in the road on a daily basis... oh and people here eat chicken feet, yuck lol!
So the group is growing little by little :) We usually have 35 people at church! Our recent converts are active... they miss every once in a while but are active and our youth have started seminary :) and they will be going camping soon :) Our recent convert, Alex, has work a lot and on Sunday now so it's difficult for him to get to church and he can't take off so that is a bummer :(
Teaching is good and we have a lot of people with potential it is just difficult to get people to church so that's what we are working on :)
My Portuguese improves each week and usually people don't have too much of a problem understanding... sometimes I need to repeat a question but for the most part they understand everything... I am still trying to learn more vocab and not just the daily and gospel vocab. My accent is strong but I think its because I have a bit of an accent already and it's difficult to lose it so I will see at the end of my mission how different I speak! 

I have learned a little Spanish but not much... it is very similar to Portuguese so I can generally understand her and Sis Galarza when they speak in Spanish... it just depends on what they are talking about... Reading is easier because things are spelled almost exactly the same as Portuguese and I remember vocab from high school.

And Sister Daniele is good:) She is a lot of fun to work with! :) I have learned a lot from her! We can joke around but be serious at the same time so it's been a blast! She has 3 siblings and 1 served in Texas and another is here in Brazil as well! But she is awesome and we have fun together!! Lots of funny moments and lots of good spiritual experiences so we have bonded pretty close :)
Well I dont have much time but I LOVE YOU ALL :) Thanks for all you do for me!! Have an amazing week and take care!! :)
Muito amor,
Sister Mattei :)
Mom and dad read the talk on Dear are the sheep that have Wandered- this talk is super good I thought yall would like it :) 

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