Monday, January 27, 2014

Tudo bem!! :) So it sounds like y'all have had lots of snow and things have been pretty busy!! Congrats on the new job Dad!! :) I am very happy to hear that and that you won't be as stressed!! Heavenly Father is always listening to our prayers!! :) That is great y'all had Family Home Evening :) I know it can be difficult at times but it really is so important :)

So transfers are this week ahhh... where has the time gone ?? Time passes so fast... faster each transfer!! We had interviews with President and I have no idea what will happen... it sound like I have a good chance of staying so we will just have to wait and see!! I will seriously be so sad to leave!! I love these people!! I was starting to think about it the other day and I got all teared up... plus we have so many people progressing right now! :) we had 7 investigators at church yesterday!! That feeling is seriously the best when you enter church and the people you are teaching are there :) 

So a cool experience and rather embarrassing moment I had yesterday was we were walking to church and our church is on the third story of a building and I saw people waiting outside of our church apartment and I was trying to figure out who it was and so I was looking not paying attention to the road and waving to the people up top and while doing so I tripped on the curb and fell in the road haha and everyone saw lol... but the person who I was waving to was Jefferson which is one of our investigators and I really didn't know if he was going to come to church again this week cause when we were like Will you go to church again? He didn't say anything and we explained the importance and why he should go and left... we then left a note the next day just saying we hoped to see him at church and He was there!! :) Seriously I think the main reason I fell was because I was seriously so surprised when I saw he was there... It was a good lesson to me that I should never have the thought oh they want go so I am super glad he proved me wrong and was there! It was a very humbling experience for me and everyone got a laugh when I fell... this is the second time I have fallen in the road and scraped up my leg lol!! Oh and he went to church alone without his Mom or brother!! Oh how people are awesome :)
Also, this week we had bats in our house I am pretty sure they live in our house!! He was sleeping in our sink and we had to capture him and throw him out cause I think his wing broke or something... they are very ugly little creatures lol!! But we threw him off our third story apartment and this old crazy lady started beating him to death with a broom... it was quite sad but at the same time a bit funny because this lady is just crazy and was murmuring lots of things and taking her anger out on the poor little bat... we also have birds in our house and it pooped on Sis. Daniele's pillow the other day lol I was laughing hahhaa!! 

Well I don't have much time but know I am praying for you!! :) Pray that the 2 baptisms we have planned will work out this week :) Oh and next week I will tell you all about Lucio!! He is an old man and he is Italian and is 89 years old but married to a lady who is 43!! He speaks no Portuguese but he is progressing and going to church!! :) And is quite a funny old man lol!! Well love y'all lots and miss you tons!! :)
Muito amor,
Sister Mattei :) 

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