Monday, January 13, 2014

Familia!! :) So glad to hear it is a bit warmer today!! :) I sent a package for y'all about a month ago so I hope it will arrive soon!! And thanks for the package and yes Mom, I got the cards from Mark and Greg and Nicole!! :) Tell them all thanks!! Oh and Garrett :)

So this week was pretty good; I had divisions one day and went and worked in Fortaleza with another Sister so it was good to work in another area for a day! :) But seriously if I will leave Paracuru this transfer I will be so sad!! I have really come to love the people here! Sometimes the members are a bit dysfunctional and talk about one  another haha but the Stake has been helping a lot so things are getting better :) One of the less active members that was baptized in Fortaleza finally came to church this Sunday! :) We ate lunch with them and then walked to church together with him and his wife! :) I ate BBQ!! You should be so proud Dad lol- I still don't like the taste of meat but I have gotten accustomed haha! But so this is the situation with this family... he was baptized in Fortaleza and he and his wife have been together for 26 years... and people here say they are married when they live together so we have to be very specific to see if they are actually married legally... because he was baptized by Elders a while back and then we found out this week that he and his ´wife´ aren't actually married... ahhh!! but tudo bem!! We are trying to set a date for marriage with them this week!!
So this Saturday Ana Angelica will be baptized!! :) She is 15 but so matrure for her age!! I would have thought she was 17 or older! But she is so awesome and she has such a great testimony! We have taught her for a good while now like 5 months and she has wanted to be baptized but her Mom didn't give permission in the past so this week was the 3rd time we talked with her Mom and her Mom signed!! :) Her Mom still wanted her to wait because she doesn't want her to join a church and then leave and I can understand her concern but I told her Mom that I truly know she wants to be baptized because I didn't even have to ask her again. Last Sunday Ana Angelica said Sister Mattei I want to be baptized the 19th of January if my Mom will sign and I was like alright :) we will talk to her again... it has been such a blessing to me to see people make changes in their life and to truly have  a desire to be baptized and to be firm and take on callings and responsibiity so new! Alex our recent convert of 3 weeks will likely start teaching Gospel Principles!! :) And Dad thanks so much for sharing your story about prayer this week and the heater and also about having faith that we may see the gifts we have and then use them!! :) I needed to hear that!! :) We have a lady we are teaching and she believes everything we have taught but she doesn't want to leave her other church that she is so comfortable in, she has a date of baptism this Sunday so I am hoping that we will see a miracle and that she will be baptized as well!! :) Well I have no time and need to get going but I love and miss you all so much!! I am praying for you all!! :) I will send a letter soon!! :)
Muito amor,
Sister Mattei :)

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