Monday, January 6, 2014

Feliz Ano Novo!! :) How are y'all doing?? Glad Louisiana went well, and the proposal!! Tell them Congrats!! So it sounds like you are all well but very cold... I can't say the same but I can say the opposite lol I am very hot here!! Oh and I dyed my hair brown... crazy huh?? It doesn't look bad but I still like it better blonde :) I am already thinking about switching it again haha... well about things more important than my hair.. Alex, our investigator who was baptized 2 weeks ago was confirmed yesterday :) He was supposed to be last Sunday but he arrived during sacrament so he had to wait till the next week. He is so awesome though!! He truly understands the importance of the covenant he made with Heavenly Father and understands that we must endure to the end and that after baptism it is not just some free ticket but that we need to continually live the gospel and ask for forgiveness when we do make mistakes. I can see him helping the church here in Paracuru so much! Yesterday he even said the prayer in front of everyone after sacrament! :) I was so happy!! :) Not even all of our members with more time as members feel comfortable praying at church yet. He also received the priesthood and Matheus did too so I am excited to get to see them pass and bless the sacrament soon! :) I have already seen such a change in them and know they will be great leaders and examples in the church!
So for New Years we watched fireworks from our house and just stayed up and talked!! :) My companion Sister Daniele is super funny and a sweetheart! We get along super well! :) And I am pretty certain that me and Sister Twitchell will remain friends for a super long time! :) At the end of this transfer we will have lived together for more than 6 months!! :) I seriously love her!! :) Transfers are in 1 month so we only have a short period left together... I think we will probably be transferred to another area! I will miss Paracuru, the members and the people we have met so much!! They have seen me grow and have helped me so much in my progression!! They were here to see me when I talked like a baby hahaha and I hope I will leave here at least speaking like a 12 year old lol! The language has gotten a lot better and I can teach well and get my point across but I definitely  still can improve in some areas. That is something I have learned a lot on my mission.. is that there is always room for improvement :)

I don't have a ton of time left but to answer some of Dad's questions...
We have traveled to Fortaleza in a couple of different parts and then Paracuru. Some cities are Caucaia, MonteCastelo....  so the other day we were traveling on the bus and the driver almost drove us into a ditch... he swerved and everyone was like Nossa!! hahaha I won't lie, it was pretty scary but at the same time a bit fun lol... something a little exciting in our day to talk about and everything was fine in the end :)
So the people we have baptized have remained strong in the church... people arrive 30 minutes late sometimes or have missed a time or 2 in the past but the bigger problem here is that we have less actives who were baptized a while ago in Fortaleza and we are trying to get them active again... it is definitely a process but it has made me realize how important it is for us as members to be converted to the gospel.. I love the people we are teaching so much and we are trying to help them but it is hard when they have gotten accustomed to the ways of the world! All of us fall at times but all of us have the potential to rise again but we must have the desire to change... It has been a wonderful opportunity to teach people and realize that we all have our individual strengths and weaknesses! Well no time but LOVE AND MISS YALL!! I seriously love reading your emails!!
Muito amor,
Sister Mattei :)

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