Monday, December 9, 2013

OI!! :) So I hope all is well! I didn't receive an email from you guys so that is a little worrying!! Hope y'all had a wonderful week!! It is crazy that Christmas is just around the corner! :) So yesterday our investigator, Matheus was baptized before church and then confirmed during sacrament meeting!! :) He is 17 and he accepted the gospel super fast Only had 2 times at church and then this week he was baptized!! :) He was baptized in the ocean! It is a neat experience at the beach but I won't lie it is definitely a little irreverent with them having to jump over tons of waves and then when trying to perform the baptism and a wave takes them down... but he was baptized:) and he was super excited!! :) Church yesterday was good; we had 47 people in our little apartment! :) But our President of the group and his wife speak every week and so it looks like he is a pastor... I understand we don't have a ton of members but our recent converts should give talks too and other members are annoyed... we need our small group to be united so stuff like this can be super difficult at times!! This week was good though! We had lots of good lessons and found some people that really seem interested! Paracuru is small so people know who we are now! 

People will stop us sometimes and try to talk to me in English and it is the weirdest thing to switch from Portuguese to English! Missions are pretty funny when it comes down to the people you meet at times! A guy the other day asked if we were angels haha but he was being serious lol, and then people will just walk up to us and shake our hand and then leave haha... It has been such a great experience and a journey!! :) I love getting to meet new people and a new culture :) at times I miss certain things from home but I have really been humbled and seen miracles happen! I have learned a lot about myself and have strengthened my relationship with Heavenly Father  :) He has helped me through the hard times and has let me see all the blessings and miracles that are happening around me! Well I don't have a ton of time today! This week we have Christmas Conference! :) So we will all have a festa and unite together this week with President and all the missionaries here! We will lose 2 days of work though so it will be hard to make up for those days this week!! But tudo bem!! :) It will be a great week!! :) I hope y'all are safe and are enjoying the Christmas season and serving others!! :) Love and miss y'all like crazy! :) but am enjoying my adventure here!! :) Better enjoy it while I can because time flies in the mission!! 

Sister Mattei :)

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