Monday, December 16, 2013

Oi!! :) So I am glad to hear y'all are keeping busy but sorry you have been a bit stressed with all the stuff to get done during the Christmas holidays! Plus it is cold there... it is definitely not cold here but I do miss the snow! I enjoyed reading you and Dad's emails to me... they were very encouraging and brought tears to my eyes so thanks for the uplifting words and just supporting me in all that I do :) This week was really good!! We had Christmas Conference with all the missionaries so it was nice to see everyone again and we had a talent show and yummy food!! :) It was just nice to feel the spirit of Christmas and have music playing because in Paracuru people aren't very festive and there aren't many decorations :( This week was a little harder though because we lost 2 days with Conference and meetings so our numbers were lower than usual and only 2 investigators were at church! Our investigator Alex is so great and I think he will be ready for baptism really soon maybe this Sunday or the next... but he understands the importance of church and that is something that a lot of people lack... even our members show up super late sometimes and our group is so small so it looks bad and then our investigators think it's fine to show up late too... the members here need to be better united because they all nit pick at each other and it just makes it harder for us but things are getting better and I love everyone here, I just wish I knew how exactly to unite everyone and make the situation better!
So yesterday was so awesome, after church Alex asked if we could teach him, and we had an appoinment for Tuesday so I was like can you not meet up on Tue. now and he was like no I still can but I want you guys to teach me today too... he is so awesome and is so willing to study and learn :) and then Matheus was with us in the lesson too ( our recent convert) and we all watched a film about faith in Christ and after he said I have felt the spirit 2 times already today; at church and during this film... I was so happy to hear that :) Made my day!! We have an awesome member we found about 3 weeks ago and she is so great with helping us teach people and giving us references! Seriously any friends you have, help the missionaries out and give them references, it really makes such a difference :) and they will really appreciate it!! Seriously even Granny and Pop Pop! I think they should at least give them one shot :) Well I don't have much time left but I hope you all keep the spirit of Christmas even when times are difficult and y'all are stressed out!! I will definitely be missing you all on Christmas day but I am so grateful for the experiences I am having and how I am growing!! I won't lie, it can be hard at times but the blessings make up for the trials!! Always remember to pray :) and that He is always listening, whether it be something big or small, he is always there! :) Well LOVE YOU LOTS!! :) SMILE!! :) For today is another day! :)
Muito amor,
Sister Mattei :)

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