Monday, October 7, 2013

Oi familia e amigos!! :)

Como esta?? I will keep Mindy in my prayers! I hope everything is okay
with her. I hope you all get over your colds as well soon!! That is
exciting you and Dad will be going on your cruise in less than a
week!! I am so jealous but I am living in another country experiencing
life in a new way so my life is pretty sweet!! :) I do want to go on
another cruise when I return though :) This email will probably not be
super long because I don't have a ton of time today. So we have 2
baptisms this next week with Geymeson and Wendleson. They are both
brothers. Geymeson is 17 years and Wendleson is 14. We thought
Geymeson would be baptized yesterday but I think he wanted to wait and
do it with his brother. We hope the week after this their other
brother Emerson and cousin Nicole will be baptized. They still need to
attend church twice so they are a week behind Geymeson and Wendleson.
They are all ready for baptism though and they have so much faith and
are so awesome!! We will eat lunch today at their house! :) Emerson is
making the food for us!! They are so sweet!! Nicole's mom also is
always buying Sister Sowa and I things for our hair or jewelry and
they like to feed us a lot too. They are all so great!! So earlier
when I was sending this it wouldnt work and it didnt save the whole
thing in the draft so this will be even shorter.Sorry :/ But things
were good this week I will fill you in with the rest next week because
I ony have like 5 minutes! But Conference was great, a bit different
because we were at a member's house and there were about 15 or 20 of us
so I was pretty sweaty haha and trying to focus and pay attention in
Portuguese was pretty difficult but I still took quite a bit of notes
and enjoyed the talks. I cant remember everything I had written about
earlier in my email... but our baptisms next week will be in the ocean
so i am super excited for that! :) Oh so a cool experience Sister
Sowa and I had was we were teaching a lady and I felt impressed to
share a scripture with her and I started reading this scripture in 
Nephi about enduring to the end and Sister Sowa had wanted to share
the same scripture and had flipped to the same page in the Book of
Mormon. It was pretty sweet! Teaching is getting easier and the
language is coming along but I try not to think about it alot and just
try my best and let the Lord do the rest. I want to finish the Book of
Mormon in Portuguese before I am done with training so I have 5 weeks
to finish. I have faith I can and I hope I will be almost fluent by
the time I finish. I really want to just work hard on everything and
be better every day. Each day I try to find a new thing I am grateful
for and something I need to work on.

Well I dont have much time but know I love you all so much and am so
grateful for everything you all do and this opportunity I have to be
here and serve the Lord! No time but much love!! :):)

Sister Mattei :)

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