Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oi familia!!

Tudo bem!! So this week has been really good and we are now in different districts with six of us in mine and I love our investigators and teachers they are so great and I really learn a lot from them! You can tell they really care about us and want us to be great missionaries and get the language down. The language is coming along with time and I am understanding more each day and I have never prayed so hard in my life to learn something. I still have a lot to learn but I am glad I am progressing and I know with time I will be able to speak and express myself how I would like. I just need to be patient and being in the field next week will definitely help that pick up a bit. The Holy Ghost truly helps so much and I know without it I would not be able to learn as quickly as I have been. A teacher came in and talked to us about Fortaleza because he served there and he told us it is really hot which we hear all the time and that there are monkeys just hanging out in the trees and we can pick mangoes almost anywhere when walking around. Crazy thing he told us was they eat cow stomach and tongue and even sometimes ear and nose there... I am going to die so pray I can eat the food I am served. I can barely do steak so this shall be quite the adventure! It is so crazy I am going to be in Fortaleza on Tuesday.

We are flying out and there are 7 of us going to Fortaleza! I have only 5 days left here!! I am so excited but so scared and nervous! Hopefully you have gotten the pictures of us from the temple and cookie place if not you should soon. Today we are going to walk around again and last time we ate at the BBQ place and there was actually a lot I ate. It is so cool to just be in another country and experience another culture. Today we were able to go to the Campinas temple and it was so beautiful and such a great experience! Garments here only cost 50 cents haha so much cheaper! I love shopping here! I already bought a cute skirt for 5 bucks, American dollars. My clothes have been fine and I love my Chaccos! They will be super nice when I am in Fortaleza! Oh funny crazy thing my name in Portuguese means Sister I Kill haha... People always make jokes about it lol. I am glad to hear everyone is doing well and that PopPop is feeling better and has a nice comfy chair it sounds like lol. I just want a massage and a nice comfy chair lol. That is crazy everyone is going back to school already!! I bet you're glad and you will enjoy your new babysitting jobs. Tell everyone hello for me. I sent a letter last week to y'all and to Nicole in the envelope, you should get it soon. Well I better get going I hope everything with family and friends are well. You are all always in my prayers. Better get to eating yummy food and then back to study, study, teach, teach and sleep!! It is so great here!! LOVE and miss you all!

Muito amor,
Sister Mattei

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