Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oi familia!!
So I hope you are all doing well! I have been keeping everyone in our family in our prayers. So here at the CTM, which is what they call the MTC in Brazil, we only have 45 minutes to write unlike 60 minutes in Provo so it is a bit different. Our schedule is the same in a way but it seems we have more free time. We still have 6 hours of teachers each day and my new teachers are Irmao Pajaro and Irma Kikuchi. They are super cool! Crazy thing happened though and 2 of our Elders from Provo, Elder Dieffenbach and Elder Braun, will be arriving here either today or tomorrow because they also have gotten their Visas!! So crazy but so awesome!! Since they are coming Sister Sowa, Elder Bramwell (he flew here with us) and I will be moving to their district with the 2 of them and another Elder from Provo.

 So I was able to go to the temple again today and it is a beautiful temple. It is nice getting to come here and go to the temple since it was closed in Provo. Last P day we went and roamed the streets and we looked in stores and I got a super good juice and even a Grilled Cheese haha. I so would in Brazil at a little restaurant they had. Walking around was really cool and all the people around here are familiar with the missionaries. The people are so nice and friendly and just welcoming in general. So yesterday we had a devotional and the district we were put in this week which has Sister Twitchell and her new companion Sister Brown in it, we all sang Nearer to Thee. It was great and Sister Sowa and an elder in our district sang a duet for one of the verses. The spirit was awesome. Plus at the devotional we were able to watch a talk by Elder Holland and it was so amazing!! I just love how bold and blunt he is because it just comes off so powerful. I definitely learned a lot and made a lot of goals to have here at the MTC and on my mission in Fortaleza. I only have 2 weeks and I will be in Fortaleza it is so exciting but so scary at the same time because I speak okay but I wish I could understand better.
So I had a crazy, humbling and embarrassing moment the other day. So we all play volleyball for gym time here and we were playing and I kicked the ball because it came at me so low and I ended up kicking a Brazilian Sister in the stomach on my team. All of her district busted up laughing and so did my district. I didn't know what to do and I was awkwardly laughing with my hand over my mouth. I kept saying Desculpe which is sorry in Portuguese but I felt terrible and it really stinks not being able to express yourself the way you want to. I just wanted to say how sorry I was and ask if she needed anything because this girl got hit hard and she just had a blank stare. It just frustrates me because I know I will feel like that when teaching sometimes and I won't be able to get out all that I truly feel and want to say. The other Brazilians made me feel better and they were like no need to say sorry it is just a game but they just fell to the ground laughing. It was funny in the sense I am a dummy and kicked the volleyball; but then not because it was awkward and the girl who was hit didn't laugh. She was okay though so it was fine, just made me realize how little I could say... Oh and so here Sister Twitchell and I are called Barbie because of our blonde hair haha and there are a few of us with light hair and I have seen some Brazilians on the street walking who have lighter hair so we aren't the only ones. It just isn't very common. Oh and so our Brazilian roommates are so funny. Yesterday they were trying to clean and we couldn't understand them and she wanted to cut my old raggy towel to mop with it, so I have 2 so I let her but we had no idea what they were asking and she was scrubbing the wet floor with the broom to clean because they didn't give us a lot to clean with and just pouring soap everywhere. She just ripped my towel right in half it was pretty funny and awesome to see.  Plus she was so smart and definitely knew how to use her resources. Sister Sowa and I just watched and tried to help but they were so into it and we honestly didn't know what to do.

 I am almost done with the Book of Mormon now since I started in Provo. I am learning and understand so much more. I feel like I overlooked so many things before and now it is all making more sense and I really have grown to have a love for reading it. Well I need to get going because we have no time and we are going to eat Brazilian BBQ, going shopping, eat churros, get smoothies, eat pizza and cookies and who knows what else, Our district keeps us busy and they are so awesome and I have loved getting to know them but it will be cool to be with our old Elders again these last two weeks here. Things are great and I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to be here and to serve the people in Brazil. I am going to be studying lots these next 2 weeks to hopefully get the language and comprehension down better before I get out in Fortaleza!! cant wait! Love and miss you but so glad to be here!
Sister Mattei- I cant make smileys on this keyboard lol sad day

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