Monday, August 11, 2014

Well.... I enjoyed the pictures :) Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and relaxing a little! Tell Granny, Pop Pop and Steph that I say hi and love and miss them! So today I am super short on time because we had to take a 30 min survey.... so a real quick update...
Francisco was confirmed a member yesterday :) He is super happy!
We went to a Primary activity this week with some of our investigators and it was super cute... each ward represented a different country and they sang in foreign languages, did a dance and ate food from their country. One of the wards was the US and they did a super cute dance... it was a country/pop song called Hey Brother, Hey Sister... it's new I think but it made me miss y'all and country music a lot haha! Sister Zambrana and I taught our primary how to sing I am a Child of God in English! They performed super well!
Oh and Dad will be happy to know me and my companion have been sleeping in a hammock out on our balcony all this week!! It is pretty sweet!! hammocks are super comfortable!! :)
Well no time but love and miss yall! Enjoy your vacation! :)
Sister Mattei :)

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