Monday, August 25, 2014

BOM DIA!! :) Thanks for all the pics you sent! Looks like your vacation was pretty relaxing! :) Looks like everyone had a ton of fun too.... looks like when I get back we will have to take a little trip or adventure to make up for this vacation without me haha :p and I was super jealous Mark and Tre' went sky diving! That is on my bucket list for when I return :) Tell Mark and Emma Congrats! :) I can't believe he is engaged!! The video was super sweet and I liked the idea! :)
So like always I have very little time but I will update you a bit because tomorrow I will be transferred! I will be in the area Aguanambi and I will probably end my mission there. I am still Sister Training Leader and will be with a Sister from Argentina who still I have not met. She arrived in Brazil 3 months ago. I am excited to meet new people and see a new area but I am very sad to leave the people here in Conjunto Ceara. I will prolly cry tonight. Raquel cried last night :( She is super sweet! The people here are amazing! Not many people were baptized this transfer but we met a lot of people who now have a baptism date for the next transfer :) Matheus and Leandra had a date to be baptized yesterday but he is 12 and she is 17 and his Mom said he needs to wait another month to assure he is ready and her mom said she has to wait until she is 20 to leave the Catholic church... so Matheus will be baptized soon and Leandra I hope when she turns 18 next year. She is super sweet and really wanted to be baptized but her Mom didn't sign and is very active in the Catholic church. So as you can see this week was a lil tough and sad but it is the Lord's will and in the end everything will work out :) Sometimes we might just plant seeds and then others will see the plant grow :)
I am very grateful for the time I had in this area because I met people who I truly love and will miss a lot! I stay in areas for a long time and get to know people super well and then it makes it harder to leave the area. Next week i will give you a good update on my new area and my companion. Oh but before I close this week we had a very spiritual experience. We are teaching a woman named Fatima. She is super sweet and she told us she was super lost when it came to religion and where to find truth. We taught her about the restoration and she said a prayer at the end of the lesson and she began to cry because she said she had finally found the truth and was super happy to not be lost anymore. It was very sweet. she went to church with us yesterday and she loved it! :) I hope I will hear good news soon that she was baptized :)
Well no time left but love and miss y'all lots! Have an amazing week and tell everyone hello for me!! Keep busy and always smile!! :)
Com muito amor,
Sister Mattei :)

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