Monday, September 2, 2013

Oi!! Tudo bem!! :) 

This week has definitely been better than last week!! I don't have an email from you or Dad though so I guess y'all might have forgotten I don't know. So this week I am feeling much more confident and I have been exercising my faith in the Lord a lot. Everyone's prayers have truly helped me!! So thank everyone for me, because I really do appreciate it. The bathroom and I bonded with my crying moments last week haha. This week still had its tough times but each day gets easier. Last P Day we went to the beach, the sand dunes and went out to eat. It was nice to have a break and a lot of fun but I love the work here. Teaching people even in a language I barely know is something I can't describe. The Lord has truly blessed me and I am getting much better at teaching.

So crazy thing we teach without members or a trainer now. The 4 of us always split up and some days I am with my trainer and others with Sister Sowa or Sister Twitchell. Our situation is so different since we opened a brand new area. The President wants the church to grow super fast so that is why he has split us up. It is difficult to teach sometimes when it is 2 of us who are brand new in the mission field and barely know the language but Heavenly Father really helps you to understand and to speak when teaching. We are in a new country just walking around teaching by ourselves. Teaching alone without a member or a trainer is hard but we learn so much faster how to teach because the people truly listen because they know we can't speak very well and there is no one with us to translate. We teach on porches and everyone here has hammocks they sleep on or lounge in. I want to buy one before I leave. Our investigators are amazing and we have some progressing and others that aren't so interested. Some people just want someone to talk to. The people are so sweet and I love the members. We only have a few but they are so sweet and are always feeding us and wanting us to come over for snack. This lady Eliza is the sweetest; she isn't a member but she has 2 daughters that are and she says with time she will get baptized. She just has such a great spirit and I love their family, so much fun, and such great people. Her daughter is Lara who was baptized yesterday with Leeandro. It was awesome to see and a great experience!! I love Lara, she is so sweet and she is patient with us and our Portuguese. She is easy to talk to and just awesome! Oh so last week our lights went out in our house so we had to shower and everything without light haha it was crazy but fun. The weather is absolutely beautiful and I have a tan line on my feet from my Chaccos haha. I am going to return super dark. 

So yesterday Sister Sowa and I taught this lady Elza by ourselves and she understood us and she wants to learn more and was so accepting of the Restoration. She seemed to really understand it. My prayers are helping and yours are as well. I have never prayed so much in my life but it has been such a great, humbling experience and I have really learned to put my trust in the Lord and know that with time things will come and I will learn to speak and understand all around me. My testimony of the gospel is growing each day and I just love the experience here. We are so privileged to devote 18 months or 2 years to the Lord. You really learn to care only about others and not be selfish. It is something I probably needed to learn. I am so grateful for this experience and i love you all so much and truly appreciate all you do for me!! I am coming to appreciate the things I have more and more each day!! I am so blessed!! Keep praying for me and I will do the same for you all! :) Be safe and take care!! Please fix all my mistakes because again the keyboard is different. I am going to send some pictures!! Remember to pray and trust in the Lord always!! Tell everyone hello for me. Sorry about my last email being so sad, dont worry about me!! i am fine here and the work is great and I love the experience of learning and teaching!! Oh and I don't need the preach my gospel or hymn book but thank you!! Love you lots!! :)

Muito amor,

Sister Mattei :) 

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