Friday, July 19, 2013

Minha Familia :)

It was nice hearing from all of you and it seems you are all keeping pretty busy so that is good! :) Happy later anniversary Mom and Dad!! :) The MTC is awesome and I'm learning lots and lots of new stuff every day I am here, whether it be language or gospel related! My scripture study is definitely the best it has ever been so I'm really happy with that and we have a challenge to finish the Book of Mormon at least once before we leave the MTC! It's truly been a wonderful experience though and my district is so great! The Sisters are super sweet and just fun to be around and the Elders are pretty funny. We have 2 nice, serious Elders who keep the rest of us in check haha! Our meals are the best because we all just goof around before we go back to study, study, study!  My companion is Sister Twitchell and we have a lot of similarities and get along really well! She has also thrown raw hot dogs at people haha so it was quite the bonding moment lol! She received her Visa yesterday though so she will be leaving me on Tuesday :( it's bitter sweet! I'm excited for her but it'll be sad to see her leave and then I think I get put in a trio.
The language is coming along pretty well some days more difficult than others but we have taught 4 lessons so far and each time we have improved on the language. I am saying my prayers in Portuguese and can bare a simple testimony in the language! I'm working hard to memorize things and get the vocabulary down so I can learn the language quicker. Us Sisters stay up laughing a lot of the nights and I am still able to be my goofy self so it's been great! I definitely go to bed a lot earlier than I used to but waking up at 6 every morning gets to me by the end of the night anyway. I will keep Aunt Cindy in my prayers as well as Grandma and Pop Pop. I don't think I've ever prayed so much in my life. It's about 10 plus times a day but the spirit is so strong here it's amazing! I'm growing in my testimony each day and truly understand my importance better each day I am here. I better get going I don't have much time! Tell everyone I miss and love them! :) Love you! :)
Muito Amar,
Sister Mattei :)

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